Sty(LUX) Chronicles: Uncut & Exposed!

24 Apr

Ok, so you all know I’m a fashion junkie. But there are some things you don’t know about me. I’ve listed in a previous post a few facts about myself. But there’s way more to me that just 11 facts. I’m pretty interesting, I think.

>Orange, green, & yellow are my favorite colors. (In that order)
>I’m 22 years old.
>I share the same birthday as Michael Jackson!!!
>I’m the BIGGEST CRY BABY! I’m so sensitive.
>Majority of everything I wear is from Target.
>I’m Obsessed with my mom. She’s so funn!!
>I Hate concerts.
>It takes me a million times to take one perfect picture!
>I’m a horrible cook.

That’s. few more to add to the list. In between so many post, I’ll post some more fun facts. Here are some “behind the scenes” pics. Just to prove how much of a whiner, crybaby, goof, and cornball I actually am.










All these pictures are unedited. Not touched at all! So this is K Jay uncut & exposed!
Happy Hump Day!!


2 Responses to “Sty(LUX) Chronicles: Uncut & Exposed!”

  1. whoisthatgirlmo April 25, 2013 at 2:32 am #

    I like the uncut photos. Cute! We’re a little sensitive to a point. 🙂

    Who is that girl Mo?

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