Major Shades of Fall

4 Sep

So school has started & the humidity has dropped a little, so now I’m starting to finally believe Fall is in the air (then again, I don’t want to speak too soon). Now it’s time to slowly translation ourselves from those bright neon colors & fun, funky patterns to some subtle, but colors you won’t expect to add some “ump” to your fall/winter wardrobe.

Of course we have those neutral colors, or base colors. You know the browns, tans, navy, & so on. But the Fashion Godswere kind enough to understand we fashionistas like change. We like personality. So surprisingly they’ve added some pinks & bright reds. Not to mention the mustard yellows & teals. I don’t know about you, but I’m super, EX-Pee-Ala-Do-siously (I know that’s not a word) excited!

So here you have it, the Major Shades of Fall.

The Neutrals/Base Colors


The Cool Colors


The Warm Colors


(Photo Credit: Google)


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